I remember driving home from Tranquillity after my First Degree Reiki attunement and feeling like something huge was about to shift for me after this training.

I felt like something so sacred and so aligned with what I had felt my whole life as an Empath had finally had some clarity and meaning.

I could feel a new sensation of energy flowing through me, and it felt like I was floating on clouds. I remember looking at a flower and seeing every vein that ran through its leaves and petals, it felt alive and everything from then shifted for me into this very clear understanding that everything is just… Energy!

I felt as though a channel had opened up within me and now I could feel, see and hear my intuition more clearly.

It was without a doubt a spark had flared inside me, and I went on to complete both Second Degree and Reiki Masters.

I use Reiki as a daily practice in all parts of my life, on myself, on others, from a distance, in my yoga classes, on my cat, even when I’m cooking my food.

Teaching Reiki and guiding my private sessions is now my passion and career.

When I call in the energy of Reiki, everything begins to flow, and healing takes place.

A life changing event for me that I’ll be forever grateful for!