By: Alisha Olivier Park

This is a great article sharing the findings of studies conducted by Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) asking the question “Do people’s spiritual and religious beliefs influence their mental and emotional health?”

My answer to that question from years of personal experience studying spiritual and psychological health and mentoring people one on one is and enthusiastic YES!

In fact I feel that understanding and consciously choosing your belief system and having a personal connection to a higher power are the most important ingredients in being able to experience good mental and emotional health.

This is why 10 years ago I created an in-depth personal transformation program called Healing from Within. This program provides people the tools and support they need to make lasting changes at the deepest level of their body, emotions, and psyche which includes the mind and Soul. I do not feel you can have authentic mental and emotional health without exploring and understanding all aspects of self. I am pleased to know that IONS and other forward thinking sciences are continuing to help the world to see that science and spirituality are two parts of the greater whole.