Essential Oils

In these online courses you will learn to use essential oils safely and effectively, blending science, art and spirituality for physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing.

The Art & Science of Aromatherapy

Discover and integrate the chemical alchemy and spiritual science of essential oils as you explore the therapeutic healing power of aromatherapy. Acquire the knowledge and safety basics you need to incorporate essential oils into your daily life for personal at-home use for you and your loved ones.



Experience the magic in the alchemical art of blending essential oils safely and effectively while maintaining the oils’ vital therapeutic essence. Deepen your aromatherapy practice for yourself and others, while enjoying the experiential component of blending personal perfume essences and learning to create blended oils, scrubs, lotions, massage oil blends and salves to invigorate the senses and heal the body, mind and soul.

*Pre-requisite: The Art & Science of Aromatherapy

Emotional Release Technique

Accessing our brain chemistry through the sense of smell, the Emotional Release Technique allows us to connect directly with the limbic brain to help release traumatic cellular memory and heal deeply rooted emotional patterns that prevent us from living in mental and emotional freedom. This special healing modality prepares you for faciliating an Emotional Release Technique session as a practitioner, showing you how to select and apply the right essential oils to key emotional junction points on the body. Explore emotional healing for yourself and learn how to hold space for others on their powerful journey through releasing unprocessed emotions as a vital component of holistic wellbeing.

*Pre-requisite: The Art & Science of Aromatherapy