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Tranquility offers a variety of trainings designed for everyone from enthusiasts to healers. These courses allow you  to learn more about essential oils, Reiki and crystal and sound healing.

With each of our programs, our goal is to provide you with training to help you reach your individual goals, whether they be practicing on your own or building a thriving practice.

You can choose to take a single training, or consider taking all 7 and become a Certified Integrated Healer (CIH).


Reiki is an ancient Eastern practice of holistic medicine which aims to improve overall health and well-being as well as assist in physical and mental recovery from illness.

First Degree Reiki: Learn a Sacred Healing Art

This sacred Japanese healing tradition will allow you to cultivate your intuition to rediscover your ability to heal yourself.

During this class you’ll be be guided through the history of Reiki, empowering you through the First Degree Reiki attunements. You will discover your ability to use and share the universal healing energy that is Reiki. Additionally, you will be prepared for a 21-day cleanse of the Chakra system.

First Degree Reiki w/ Gianna Mauceri at Woven – June 8th & 9th, 2019 (1-5pm each)
Tuition: $325


Second Degree Reiki:  Discover the Sacred Symbols

Prerequisite:  First Degree Reiki

The Second Degree class provides the next level of attunements to attain higher levels of Reiki energy, amplifying the vibratory level in our physical and etheric bodies.

The initiations attune the individual to the power symbols, which are used to perform absentee healings and a stronger form of mental/emotional healing. As First Degree attunements focus primarily on elevating the energy of the physical body, Second Degree attunements work more directly on the spiritual level helping to elevate intuition.

During this training you will be taught how to work with others and apply what you have learned.

First Degree Reiki w/ Gianna Mauceri at Woven – August 3, 2019 (8 hours)
Tuition: $325

Reiki Master/Teacher: Awaken and Embody the Master Energy Within You

Prerequisite: First and Second Degree Reiki, combined with one year of experience with Reiki.

This training starts with receiving Master Level attunement and learning the Master Symbol. You will learn how to connect to the Master energy that has been awakened within you.

Next, you will learn how to teach and attune others to the 3 Degrees of Reiki. This class offers in-depth training materials that will provide you with everything to give you the confidence and skills you need to teach Reiki to others.

This training will be taught on retreat in Costa Rica November 17-23, 2019 details here:

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Essential Oils

In these online courses you will learn to use essential oils safely and effectively, blending science, art and spirituality for physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing.

Living with Essential Oils

Learn the basics of essential oils.  This includes not only how to safely use essential oils and understanding their therapeutic qualities, but also how  they can be applied in day-to-day life. You will have the knowledge to use oils personally or with family.



Prerequisite: Living with Essential Oils

Learn the basics of how to safely blend essential oils to support mental, emotional and physical healing including blended oils, scrubs, lotions and salves.


Emotional Release Technique

Prerequisite: Living with Essential Oils

The emotional release technique classes will teach you the fundamentals of using emotional release oils and the art of selecting oils to heal the emotional body. Using essential oils, this technique will enable you to connect directly with the Limbic brain, assisting in releasing cellular memories and hidden emotional patterns.  The class is an exploration of both emotions and emotional healing for yourself and others.