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Sacred Ceremony is a way of life. The act of ceremony is being aware of the sacredness within the present moment. It is the connection of the human heart and the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the heart of the Cosmos.

A ceremony is a traditional act of aligning one’s intention or prayer with the natural elements to enhance one’s connection to the Divine or Spirit.

These types of offerings or practices have been a way of honoring life for hundreds of years. The ancient Egyptians, the Druids, the Mayans, and modern-day indigenous communities continue to use the act of ceremony for many rituals that enrich personal and community connection to all beings through time and space.

It is a way to connect with ancestors that came before and to honor those that are here now. We gather with others to illuminate personal growth and to receive reflections on ourselves, so we are reminded that we are never alone.

The purity of the mind, body and energy field creates an opportunity to circulate energy within and opens a stronger connection to the natural world. The elements are the critical components in creating ceremonies for different times and cycles in life.

In the course, you will learn how to prepare and perform personal ceremonies along with ones to share with your community.

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1

Intention & Essence

2 hrs

Lesson 2

Earth Medicines

2 hrs

Lesson 3

Sacred Space

2 hrs

Lesson 4

Breathwork & Meditation

2 hrs

Lesson 5