Many people have been asking about the custom necklaces that I make, so today I would like to share more about the ritual around making these special gifts.

The whole process begins long before an order is placed, I hand pick every material that is used to make the malas. I take time carefully selecting each center piece and complimentary beads. Then the stones are cleansed and placed in the moonlight.

When someone wants a custom mala made for them I ask them what their intention is for the piece. This could be something they are working on in their Spiritual journey like connecting to the Divine or cultivating Self love and often times it is for amplification of their unique gifts and talents like teaching or healing. I also get a feel of the colors, crystals or other materials that they love.

After I have gathered the information I need, I sit and allow the design process to be very intuitive. It is so much fun to watch as the pattern of the mala takes form. And then I weave. I choose a mantra that supports the intention and in between each of the 108 beads I tie a knot and chant the mantra.

Once I have completed the mala it is then set overnight on my large amethyst geode. In the morning I bless the mala with Reiki and a prayer and then it is ready to make its journey to its owner. This can be the tricky part as we live in the remote jungles of Costa Rica and there are no street names let alone mail service. So it takes a friend or family member to visit and hand carry the mala back to the states where it can then be shipped.

I love this magical process of making Sacred malas for people! It is such a gift to be able to share something so rich with loving energy and then know that it will be a part of that persons Sacred meditation practice every day!

What is a mala?

A mala necklace is made of 108 beads and has traditionally been used in prayer and meditation. They are great tools to center and focus the mind. Simply sit quietly with your eyes closed and take one breath for each bead. It also offers a great way to time your meditation practice without needing to check the time.

In the video below, learn how to use a mala in meditation.