A Dream Catcher is a traditional Native American totem consisting of an intricate web of yarn woven into the center of a hoop wrapped in leather. This carefully hand-crafted piece is adorned with scared beads and feathers. Hang the Dream Catcher above your bed and as you sleep your bad dreams will get caught in the web and dissolve under the first stream of morning light. Good dreams will filter through the hole in the center, and as they collect, they will slide down the feather to you as you peacefully, sleep below.

But a Dream Catcher doesn’t just filter the dreams you dream while you sleep.

A closer look from one source reveals that the original meaning of the catcher wasn’t just meant for the dreams of night. Rather, the web was spun to catch all the negative forces in life that lead you away from peace and harmony. Instead good ideas, visions, dreams and wisdom flow through. Everything positive that supports you on your life journey becomes clear and directed straight to you.

At Dream Catcher 2016, we will expand upon this story of the traditional piece.

You are at the center of this sacred hoop, this sacred life. What is the web, the life, the feelings that you want to create? What tapestry are you weaving? What stories are you telling? What dreams are you building?

Aided by the energy of the New Year, at Dream Catcher 2016, we will begin to take a closer look at these questions. We will ask ourselves, be inspired and receive clear visions from our higher self.

We will gather and experience sacred ritual, deep meditation, sound healing, and Yinki® yoga. All of this will help us to become clear about the realities we are manifesting and the path that we have set.

And as our path, is simply that, a path not set in stone, but a path we are meant to carve. Our path is a work of art in progress and during this experience we provide ourself the opportunity to co-create with the Divine and effortlessly shape our path.

Through the weekend we will become attuned to our true self and deepest desires, and with this clear connection we will then craft our own Dream Catcher. With our unclouded vision and clear intentions set, our sacred art will then work throughout the year to catch our bad dreams, our misguided advice, the safety-nets we’ve built that keep us stuck in place, and any other negativity left that stands in our way.

Our dreams and grand vision will collect in the center, pass through the web and slide down the feather as a direct stream of influence helping us to build our dream. In the coming months, every time we see the Dream Catcher that we made at this event, we will be reminded of the intentions we set at the beginning of the year. Then as we lift our gaze and look around, we will be humbled to see how what once was a dream, is now revealed to us as the reality of our life!

Won’t you join us for this exciting time?

Join us at Dream Catcher 2016January 2nd & 3rd in Encinitas California. Make your very own Dream Catcher and learn to live your dreams in a life you love.

At Tranquility, we work to live a life we love. We aim to inspire, teach and support those on this journey. We help others to discover their own unique version of a life they love, and then help them take the steps to create this intangible unknown into a tangible reality.